About Asimeto

In 2007, Asimeto was founded by the esteemed German metrologist Manfred Eisinger, marking the inception of a remarkable journey. Over the years, the company has swiftly cultivated a distinguished reputation, specializing in the creation of precision tools and solutions that excel in performance, all while maintaining an element of surprise with their remarkably affordable prices.
Asimeto's trajectory of success continues to surge as they deftly amalgamate the essence of German metrological design, American technological ingenuity, and the competitive edge of Asian manufacturing prowess. This amalgamation spans a wide spectrum of integrated precision solutions that are seamlessly disseminated through a global network, thereby solidifying the brand's foothold in various markets.
A distinctive feature that sets Asimeto apart is their unwavering commitment to quality. Each tool that emerges from their production line bears the seal of ISO17025 certification, guaranteeing a level of accuracy that can be depended upon. This meticulous certification process also ensures that the calibration of these tools aligns perfectly with the regulatory requisites of the diverse local markets they serve.
Stepping into the spotlight of preference among engineers across the globe, Asimeto has been favored not only by individual professionals but also by illustrious entities such as Volkswagen, Guhring, and Boeing. This speaks volumes about the brand's credibility and its resonance within the engineering community.
Intriguingly, you are cordially invited to delve deeper into the world of Asimeto, where precision becomes an art form and innovation a standard practice. The story of Asimeto is one of transcending boundaries, of merging distinct expertise, and ultimately, of enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the tools that shape our technological landscape. So join us in unveiling the extraordinary, and allow Asimeto to redefine your perception of precision.
What is Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools known for?

Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools is known for manufacturing high-performance precision measurement instruments, including calipers, bore gages, and indicators, and delivering them at affordable prices.
When was Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools founded?

Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools was founded in 2007, and it prioritizes customer satisfaction while utilizing European designers and superior craftsmanship.
What are some of the product categories offered by Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools?

Asimeto Precision Measuring Tools offers a wide range of products, including standard and digital Bore Gauges, Calipers, Data Collection Tools, Depth & Height Gauges, and Indicators.
How is the quality and measuring accuracy of Asimeto precision tools ensured?

The quality and measuring accuracy of all Asimeto precision tools are guaranteed by the Asimeto Calibration Laboratory, ensuring their reliability and precision.

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