ABOUT Fath Engineering Components

About Fath Engineering Components

FATH Inc. S.A., a branch of FATH Inc. USA located in Mexico, was established with the primary aim of catering to the distinct and specific requirements of the local market. Within its operations, FATH Inc. S.A. boasts a spacious distribution center spanning 9,000 square feet, accompanied by a well-staffed Research and Development department. Our clientele benefits from a well-connected network of technical field sales representatives, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the entire geographical region.
Furthermore, plans for local manufacturing are currently underway, poised to be implemented in the near future. This strategic move is geared towards offering a holistic service package to our valued customers across both Mexico and Central America.

Importan to Us

We acknowledge our duty. Through fundamental principles and ambitious objectives, we seek to create a positive impact on customers, partners, staff, communities, and the environment.

Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is paramount. We prioritize personalized, trusting relationships, treating each customer as a partner. Exceeding expectations, our goal is positive experiences and delighted clientele.

Social Sustainability

We embody social sustainability through community support and regular nonprofit donations. Our staff receives comprehensive healthcare coverage and extensive benefits.

Value-oriented employer

We strive to enhance economic growth as an employer by providing steady jobs and comprehensive professional assistance to local residents. Our objective is to be a favored and value-driven employer.

Sustainability Approach

We prioritize eco-friendly supplier partnerships, emphasizing energy and water conservation. In-house production of packaging from recycled cardboard, expanding photovoltaic systems, and energy-efficient building practices underscore our commitment to sustainability.
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