About Sowa

Sowa Tool encompasses a collection of brand identities, each with its distinct areas of expertise. Ranging from our high-end GS Tooling to the more cost-effective STM Tooling solutions, our ability to cater to diverse requirements, specifications, precision levels, and financial considerations is exceptional. Our family of Sowa brands isn't merely superficial; we've meticulously developed each brand to thrive independently. Whether it's drilling, cutting, or precise measuring, we possess the exceptional capability to fulfill all your necessities within a single source.
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The Sowa Distinctiveness

All in One Place

Sowa excels in addressing customer needs across brands, uniting diverse requirements. We simplify purchases through an interconnected brand portfolio, enhancing buying experiences.

Swift Shipping on the Same Day

Delay is not our style. We ensure that if you place an order before 3:00pm EST for any in-stock items, your order will be dispatched on the same day.

Streamlined Expertise

Sowa's brands cut search efforts, streamline freight, and reduce purchase orders and business connections for efficient management.

Tailored Customer Support

Don't know part numbers or your needs? No worries! Exceptional Customer Service Representatives ensure timely provision of required items.

Maintaining Ample Stock

Sowa ensures coverage with substantial inventory investment, enhancing service. Access all you need, below your spindle and more. No backorders, thanks to a 90% fulfillment rate.

Our Values

Dedication and Enthusiasm

We hold that active participation in tackling challenges sets us apart. A lack of zeal is palpable and inhibits excellence.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customers remain our foremost consideration. Their needs take precedence over all other objectives, consistently.

Empower through Inspiration

We aspire to motivate by leading, realizing our vision to set a positive example. Support and positivity should reflect in actions, not just words.

Invent and Innovate

Original thinking and ongoing innovation distinguish us. Failures matter less; persistence is key. Trying promising ideas surpasses inaction.
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